Intro to Network Care

*RESERVE NOW by calling Cheshire Wellness Center- 357-5700*

Intro to Network Care - The #1 Way to Feel Better, Be Healthier, & Happier

The Intro to Network Care class is for all new patients, soon-to-be patients, as well as those who have missed previously classes. The class is also open to the community.

*Bring a Friend or Family Member!*
Please bring along a friend, co-worker, family member, anyone you know who would benefit from learning about Network chiropractic care.

*EVERYONE* benefits from Network chiropractic, but some tips for thinking of someone to share this with are those suffering from: Pain, chronic, tension headaches, back pain, sciatica Emotional struggles, depression, despair, anxiety, excessive worry Anyone seeking to optimize their health naturally needs to know where to start - the NERVOUS SYSTEM!

Class runs about 1-hour.
Refreshments are served
All new guests receive a free gift

Dr. Rich explains more in depth about what is he doing when he works on you and the vital importance of caring for your neuro-spinal system.

*There will be a demonstration on a lucky NEW participant or two!*

Please RSVP to confirm your attendance and to let us know who you are inspiring and bringing to the class.