One Day Immersion Event

The Magic Returns - May 4, 2019  


1 Powerful Day to Raise the bar for your life

in Keene, NH

NEXT EVENT on MAY 4, 2019- 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

What is the NEW Clear Day Immersion? The brand new format of our Clear Day consists of a smaller group of only 36 people for a perfect balance of the group dynamic and personal attention. The new day includes 3 high-level entrainments, impactful teaching and coaching sessions, powerful group exercises, and experiences yielding valuable personal Growth!

What makes this day different from other educational programs? It's been estimated you can make several months of progress in this one day immersion because unlike most educational programs. rather than just repeating some things you learned in your mind, during this event you will experience. Experience leads to understanding though your body, and when you own it in your body, you own it in your life.

In this one-day transformational event, Drs. Rich, Tecia, and Matt masterfully blend 3 high-level Network Spinal sessions with powerful group experiential exercises for a program that will expand your body, mind, and spirit... as well as  help crystallize your purpose, values, and desires --and blast through roadblocks that hold you back so you can have your best year yet!