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About Dr. Rich Gorsuch

Dr. Rich Gorsuch is the founder and director of Cheshire Wellness Center. Over the past 20 years, Dr. Gorsuch has helped thousands of people maximize their health and wellness: “What excites me is witnessing a person find new hope, freedom, inspiration and confidence in their life, and watching them take new actions knowing their quality of life will be better for the rest of their life. I consider it an honor and privilege to serve so many amazing people in this way. I am grateful.”

Dr. Gorsuch received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1996 from Life Chiropractic College in Atlanta, GA. He opened his first practice in Alaska in 1996 where he lived for over 5 years. While in Alaska, he shared his time between his own full time NS practice in the town of Haines and his work as a specialist at the Juneau Family Birth Center in the capitol city of Juneau. His work in Juneau earned him valuable experience in the care of pregnant women and infants that he uses today. During his time in Alaska, he was also a regular on a popular weekly radio show focused on natural health perspectives.

He returned home to New England in 2001 to share his talents with the Monadnock region. Dr. Gorsuch is part of an elite group of doctors worldwide who have achieved the highest level of training in Network Spinal. He currently resides in Keene with his wife Kelly, his son, who attends college in North Carolina, and their wonder dog Brady. He loves to spend time with family and friends, and enjoys the activities of SUP, long board surfing, golf, ski, tennis, and being in nature.

About Kelly Gorsuch

Kelly Gorsuch, Wellness Coach and doTERRA Wellness Advocate. She operates the Well-Being Room at the center offering Swedish massage, essential oil consultations, and AromaTouch sessions. She also teaches wellness classes at Cheshire Wellness Program related to food, empowerment, movement, stress. You will also find Kelly helping out at the Front Desk from time to time!

Kelly has led groups and individuals through transformational classes and programs for the over 15 years. She holds a B.Sc. in nutrition with a career in holistic health and wellness that spans 20 years. Through life changing cleanse programs, workshops, and dance/movement classes, Kelly has skillfully and compassionately inspired and guided hundreds of people to live more powerful, healthy, and extraordinary lives.

Kelly resides in Keene with her husband, Dr. Rich Gorsuch and their beautiful dog Brady - the practice "therapy dog". She enjoys spending time with family and friends, teaching and practicing dance and yoga, hiking, and spending time in nature and laughing and living with joy.

About Dr. Tecia Pitts 

Dr. Tecia PittsDr. Tecia Pitts, DC is very excited to join the Cheshire Wellness Center team! Passionate about helping people, Dr. Tecia believes Network Spinal (NS) care proves to be the best chiropractic approach to helping people achieve their optimal health goals. Over the years, she has seen how this care contributes to a change in a person's mindset, wellness and overall quality of life.  “It's amazing to see how people transform throughout care and how empowered they are to make changes for themselves and their families.”

Dr. Tecia graduated from Sherman College of Chiropractic, where she obtained her Chiropractic Doctorate degree. Dr. Tecia also holds Bachelor’s degrees in Dietetics and Communications and is a qualified Nutritionist. 

For the past few years, Dr. Tecia worked in Boulder, Colorado, serving as an Associate Doctor, marketing coordinator and technical assistant.  She spent countless hours working with thousands of patients to help them make the necessary changes in their health.  She also prepared, marketed and spoke at public events, coordinated local screening events and networked with local businesses. 

As she transitions to her next phase in life in Keene, New Hampshire, Dr. Tecia is dedicated to giving, serving, loving, connecting and contributing to the expansion of health and well-being within the Keene community!

In her free time, Tecia enjoys traveling, playing tennis, hiking, biking, being outdoors, spending time with her husband-to-be, Matt, and playing with her cat Vader.

About Dr. Matt Abatelli

Doctor of Chiropractic. Bio coming soon!

About Jennifer Roberts-Keating

Front Desk Team Member. Bio coming soon!

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