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Wellness Classes & Events

Introduction to Network Care - Transformational, Wellness-Based Chiropractic

Interested in learning about what we do and who we are? This is the class for you! Learn how the chiropractic and wellness care offered at our practice will take you to the next level of health and well-being.

Are you seeking a better way to heal from PAIN or any other health challenge that actually improves your body's ability to function at an optimal level, naturally and without drugs?

Are you seeking a better way to improve and strengthen your body's function and performance?

Are you seeking a better way to LIVE with more freedom, to move beyond perceived limitations and stop feeling STUCK in the same old patterns?

This class is for new practice members, their family and friends, and the community to attend.

UPCOMING CLASSES: 2nd Tuesday of every month at 6:15pm


Intermediate/Advanced NSA Class

This class is for our members in intermediate or advanced care, who would like to learn in greater depth, the philosophy and methods used to accomplish the magic of our advanced methods of chiropractic through Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) care. Pre-requisite: For practice members who have been in care for at least one month and have attended our Introduction to Network Care class. Class includes a NSA care session.

Check back soon!

Fee: $55

NEW: Pain Release Class

90% of people experience pain release during this 1 hour class. ‚ÄčLearn the 4 types of pain, and their natural solution.

November 11, 2017 (9:30AM - 10:30 AM)

Fee: By Donation (Proceeds to Benefit the Wounded Warrior Project)

Extraordinary Self-Care - Introduction to SRI (Somato Respiratory Integration)

With all of the self-care tips available to you it can be difficult to know what might be best for you. Look no further than this class! Our Extraordinary Self-Care class is just that - EXTRAORDINARY! You will learn how to work through challenging times, step-up when you need to make a change, or to open to the beauty of life and contribute your gifts more fully with your community and beyond. Join us for one or the entire series of self-care classes. Each class has a fee. Contact our office for more information and pricing, and get ready to empower yourself.

October 19, 2017 (6:00 - 7:30PM)

Fee: $25 (No fee for those attending Dr. Rich's upcoming one day immersion)

Why Should I Cleanse? A Healthy Happy Hour!

Join Kelly Gorsuch for an informative lecture on healthy eating and why most of us would benefit from cleanse/detox program. Through a simple questionnaire you will find out if you are at increased risk for disease and toxicity, and how to change the trajectory of your health through eating whole foods. Finally, learn the best way to eat for health and well-being.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017 (5:30-6:30) - POSTPONED!!! Next date TBD
Wednesday, January 10, 2018 (5:30 - 6:30)

Fee: $10


NEW: How to Use Essential Oils for Well-Being

Join Kelly Gorsuch for this monthly class to learn the benefits of essentials oils, how to use them for your personal use to maintain and enhance health and well-being. We will sample the top oils for personal and home use. Gift with purchase for everyone who attends the class and purchases a oil kit.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018 (5:30-6:30)

Fee: $10