5 Ways Chiropractic Can Help Your Heart

During National Heart Month, we are encouraging everyone to take care of their heart in all possible ways. We know it’s important to exercise and eat a heart-healthy diet, but did you know chiropractic care can also help take care of your heart? 

The nervous system is the base for everything, even our hearts. Chiropractic care can help these nerves and ensure a healthy spine and a properly working heart. 

Here are the 5 ways chiropractic care can benefit your heart health. 

1.Alleviate Non-Cardiac Chest Pain

Someone having chest pains may not immediately think chiropractic care can help. Chest pain can mean a variety of things. Whatever reason, you may not believe the pain can be coming from the spine.

The rib cage, neck, and shoulders are part of the musculoskeletal system, and chiropractic is a logical choice for rib displacement or neck tightness to reduce pain in your chest. Gentle adjustments can restore mobility to the spine, shoulders, and neck. 

Most people experiencing non-cardiac chest pain automatically feel they need to see a medical doctor simply because they aren’t aware of the importance of a chiropractor. That’s why we have the knowledge and skillset to safely guide your body to heal rib displacement and muscle tightness, which will alleviate problematic chest pain.  

Although chiropractic care can help with many conditions that may cause chest pain, remember that chest pain can be a sign of a severe health problem. Be sure to consult with your health professional as soon as symptoms begin to make a proper diagnosis.

2.Decrease Inflammation 

Inflammation is one of the most common reasons people develop chronic cardiovascular problems. Adjustments can help reduce inflammation significantly throughout your entire body. Reducing inflammation to your heart reduces the risk of heart complications. By decreasing the inflammation in your joints and blood vessels, you take the following steps to a healthier heart. 

3.Reduce Blood Pressure

The risk of high blood pressure is known as hypertension, and it can be fatal. Heart disease and strokes are leading causes of death and directly result from high blood pressure. 

Medication is prescribed for those who experience high blood pressure. Still, there are alternatives to medications and other things you can do, such as exercise, changing your diet, and kicking tobacco habits. 

Chiropractic care has many benefits to your musculoskeletal system, biological and nervous systems. You can signal a new healthier approach to treating your hypertension by seeing a chiropractor. Relying on medication and treatments can be costly and ineffective. Chiropractic care can offer you that next step to a natural solution for high blood pressure. 

4.Improve Heart Rate Variability 

The key to controlling your heart rate is by increasing the range of your heartbeats. Also referred to as heart rate variability. Many people facing heart problems struggle to get their heart rate where it should be. That’s where chiropractic adjustments can address these issues and improve your heart’s strength overall. Network spinal can be effective for people looking to strengthen their autonomic nervous system functions through their vertebrae by recognizing spinal tension patterns and decreasing stress. 

5.Protect Your Nerves

The same nerves that control the way your heart regulates are getting their instructions from your autonomic nervous system. Your nervous system sends signals to protect your heart. You can protect those nerves that interact with your heart by receiving chiropractic adjustments. The nervous system is the foundation of other organs throughout the body. That’s why it’s so important to keep getting annual adjustments at the chiropractor. 

Visit Cheshire Wellness Center during February for a complimentary heart analysis and see how you can improve your heart health. Don’t delay; protect your heart and live the life you deserve. By visiting a chiropractor regularly, you can prevent cardiac issues that may turn into future medical problems. Call Cheshire Wellness Center at (603) 357-5700 to see how we can help you achieve your heart health goals.

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