5 Ways To Begin Healing This Year

The start of a new year is the perfect time to take the journey into healing your body and mind. This means you want to begin feeling how you would like to. To grasp your own healing, you can take many different steps to get on the right track to feeling better. 

Here are 5 of the best ways to begin healing this year. 

1. Grounding Meditation 

Mediation is a technique that can rest your mind and attain a state of consciousness, different from the normal waking state. During the meditation process, your mind is not focused on the external words but rather the internal. Your mind starts to become more transparent, relaxed, and focused. 

By meditating, you will experience peace and happiness within your life. Meditation can teach you to let go of things and explore your inner calm. You will allow yourself to focus your mind on the present and learn how to balance awareness within your surroundings. 

The benefits of meditation are endless. It’s known for reducing stress, increasing mental clarity, creating calm and peace, increasing energy, and improving your overall health and wellness. 

2. Practice Self Care  

This step isn’t always as easy as you think. Most of the time, our schedules lead to crazy stress in our lives, and sometimes we forget to put ourselves before others. It’s easy to feel guilty when practicing self-care, but it’s something we must do to heal ourselves. 

Having a self-care routine has many positive health benefits, which include: 

  • Reducing depression and anxiety 
  • Reducing stress
  • Improving mood
  • Increase energy 
  • Build stronger relationships 

3. Express your Emotions 

Healthily expressing your emotions will put you on the right track to healing. Having a therapist or creating a journal for yourself can help you healthily control your feelings. Knowing how to express your emotions appropriately will result in positive changes in your life.

4. Find a community

By finding a community that you fit into, you will feel more connected with like-minded people, which can help you get through whatever may be causing you grief in your life. Lasting friendships in a community will help you stay on the right path to healing. Finding someone who has similar experiences will make you feel less alone in whatever the situation may be. There are strengths in numbers, and having a support system will help you feel less isolated and alone. 

5. Attend The Clear Day Event 

Attending Clear Day is a great way to kick off your healing journey in the new year. The Clear Day is an educational and experiential event designed to help you develop lifetime tools for greater awareness of yourself, including your purpose and goals in life. The Clear Day catapults your awareness of your interconnection with the web of life, assisting you in your journey.

Whether you’ve been in care for years, are new to care, or have never received care, this is one event you don’t want to miss. Participants from all over gather to experience this healing, and self-awareness day. Participation in The Clear Day event demonstrates your commitment to life, and to a greater degree of wholeness and healing for yourself and the global community. The varied workshops throughout the day, coupled with the Network Entrainment sessions, are specially designed to increase the forces of healing available to each of us, accelerating progress dramatically. This will set the stage for you to Transform and Transcend your mindset, your physiology, and your capacity to adapt and change.

Register for Clear Day, February 5th, 2022 HERE.

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