7 Tips for a Happy AND Healthy Summer

Summertime means more sunshine, longer days, barbeques with friends and family, vacations, and more time with your kids before they return to school. Summer is a fun time of year, but it also can be a bit chaotic and challenging when schedules are off. This can result in forgetting about your health goals. 

Here are some tips for staying healthy this summer while still having FUN! 

1. Stay Active This Summer 

Staying active and regular physical exercise is a big part of a healthy lifestyle. The warm weather should make exercising more accessible to getting outdoors and an opportunity to get the family active with you. 

Summer is the best time to enjoy the outdoors, get sun, and reach your exercise goals. 60 minutes of exercise daily will be easy when you find some fun activities you enjoy doing.  

Here are some ways you can get active with these summer favorites! 

  • Go for a hikeWhen there is nice weather, a hike in the mountains or woods could be the perfect way to get some exercise. You can even bring your family along. Find local hiking spots in your area online and plan a day trip. We love the Goose Pond forest and Robin Hood park for a quick lunchtime walk. And of course, when was the last time you climbed Monadnock?
  • Plan a trip to the Beach or LakeA beach or lake trip could be the perfect way to get active and outdoors this summer. You won’t notice you’re even being active because you’ll be having too much fun! There are over 300 swimmable lakes in NH!
  • Find a poolThe pool is the ultimate summer workout. You can cool off by swimming laps or playing some volleyball with some friends.
  • Sign up for a ClassSign up for summer classes that your local community centers are offering. Try something like yoga, cycling, or Zumba class. Whatever your interest may be, get out there and get active doing something you enjoy.
  • Go to the park  – Grab your family and go to the local park. Find a shady spot to set down a blanket to set up camp. Don’t forget to pack healthy snacks and plenty of water. Bring a frisbee, some paddles or even badminton.

2. Maintain A Healthy and Nutritious Diet 

Summer is the perfect time to maintain your healthy diet because there is so much produce in season. It’s the ideal time to get fresh fruits and veggies. Refreshing salads, berries, and melons are all the perfect summer foods, completely guilt-free! 

Support your local farmers by attending farmer’s markets or stop by that local fruit and veggie stand. Cheshire Wellness Center is at the Farmer’s Market of Keene every Saturday from 9am to 1pm through the end of October.

3. Take Precautions in the Sun 

Exposure to UV rays from the sun can cause harmful effects on your health. That’s why it’s crucial to protect your skin from the sun wherever possible. Cover up in the sun, and wear broad-spectrum sunscreen at least 30 or higher. Add sunscreen every 2 hours if in full sun, or after sweating or swimming. Be sure to avoid tanning beds and sun lamps that cause long-term damage to your skin and contribute to skin cancer. The best way to get your Vitamin D is 15 minutes of high sun exposure and then back in the shade. You’ll notice your skin starts to turn pink at around 15 minutes (or 20 for some), which means your body has converted all its Vitamin D!

4. Get Proper Rest 

Because of the scattered routine that comes with the summer, you may put sleep and rest on the backburner well because you have so much to do. But you must get 7-9 hours of sleep at night to keep up with your busy summer routine. Keep your room nice and cool so you’re not tossing and turning. Be sure your electronics are off or in airplane mode when you sleep and avoid any screen time at least 30 mins before bedtime. 

5. Connect with friends and family 

Being social and connecting with loved ones is fundamental to maintaining proper social and mental health this summer. 

Plan a family reunion or a night out with some friends you haven’t connected with in a while. Make an effort to build and maintain your relationships. Summer is always a great time, and there are plenty of things to do.

6. Stay hydrated 

It’s hot, and dehydration can cause side effects like headaches, dizziness, and sleepiness. Get eight glasses of water a day, ideally two of them when you first wake up in the morning. In the summer, you can make water more creative by adding fresh berries, fruits, or mint leaves to your water. Opt for high-water content snacks such as watermelon, cantaloupe, tomatoes, and cucumbers. These offer great electrolytes too!

7. Get your spine checked

Don’t forget to get your spine checked. Your spine is working just as hard during the summer, if not more, than any other season. Be sure to take care of the system that allows you to do what you want to do so you can have peak performance and as much fun as you want. 




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