Back to School Tips- From your Chiropractor

It’s that time of the year again, summer is ending, and kids are going back to school. 2021 brings new back-to-school changes, and your kids need to be at their best health to perform their best in school.

Here are some of the best wellness tips to help you and your children be their best this school year! 

Get the Right Backpack 

Getting on the right wellness track starts with your spine, so choosing the right backpack is essential for your kids to be the most successful. When looking for a backpack, there are some things you should look for when choosing the best fit for your kids. 

  • Two shoulder straps. Backpacks that have one shoulder strap and crossbody backpacks can distribute weight evenly. 
  • Choose a lightweight backpack. It can add as little weight as possible to your bag. 
  • Wide, padded shoulder straps. Narrow straps often dig into the shoulders, which can cause pain and restrict circulation.
  • A backpack with a waist strap can distribute the weight of heavier bags more evenly. 
  • A padded backpack protects against sharp edges and objects inside the pack for your comfort. 
  • Of course, having a backpack that doesn’t prop on your back, such as a rolling backpack, could be a good choice as well.  

Develop Proper Immune Health  

Immune health is a hot topic these days! Regular chiropractic adjustments promote proper immune system development and function, from the inside-out. This means your child will have the best chance when it comes to fighting off colds, bacteria, and viruses when under regular chiropractic care. The nervous system controls the immune system. With Network Spinal, effective communication is taking place and allows your immune system to fight off germs to help prevent illness and improve healing time if they do become sick so they feel better faster and get back to doing the things they love! 

Get Your Nutrition On Track 

You know that your child’s nutrition is essential to their school day, and providing them with the proper nutrients throughout the day allows them to concentrate and focus on their tasks at school. Even with our busy schedules, it’s key to have a consistent diet, and they can grow to take those healthy habits into adulthood. 

Packing a healthy lunch by providing low sugars, protein, and lots of fruits and veggies. These healthy eating habits can prevent diseases like obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. As you’ve probably heard in the office, “It’s much easier to raise healthy children than to heal sick adults”.

Work on Stress Management 

Heading into the school year can be stressful for your and your kids. We all know that a stressful lifestyle leads to an unhealthy one. It’s important to implement long-term strategies to deal with stress so that your kids can cope with stress factors as they grow. 

Try to start the school sleep schedule early this year. A good night’s sleep is vital in reducing stress, managing hormones, and maintaining a healthy body weight. To get a good sleep routine, try keeping screen time to a minimum before bed to have a better sleep outcome. Powering down all devices an hour before bed is a good start.

If you are considering chiropractic care for yourself or your children, Cheshire Wellness Center can help you with your health and wellness goals for your whole family. You will find a more stress-free way of life and gain the energy to spend more time with your family. Back to school can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be with the proper care! Call (603) 357-5700   or go ONLINE to schedule an appointment for your family today. 


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