Thank you for your interest in Cheshire Wellness Center. Here you will find unprecedented care and support to help alleviate any acute or long-term conditions you may be experiencing. You’ll move on, as quickly as possible, to a place of optimal health, where you feel good, function well, are strong and vital, can do the things you want to do and can create the life you really want to live.

Your first visit will consist of a FREE Connection Consultation and go over your health concerns and see if this care is the right fit for you.

Following the consultation, a comprehensive exam with both spinal and neurological tests will determine where you are holding tension, what effect that tension has had on your state of health and your life and locate your available spinal gateways.

Following the consultation, you will receive:

  • Complete Comprehensive Neurological Exam
  • An Advanced Structural Assessment
  • Spinal and Neural Integrity Evaluation
  • Additional tests may include: X-ray

Following the exam, you will receive:

  • Clinical Assessment
  • Report of Findings
  • Recommendations for Care
  • NetworkSpinal Adjustment