Tech Neck Doesn’t Have to Take Over your Life

Your phone has many features that allow you to take in all things social media and tech at your fingertips. But using your tech devices often causes aching neck pain and other discomforts that come along with texting and browsing the web. These mobile technologies have created an epidemic of health issues for frequent device users!

Most of the trouble is caused by looking down at your devices for a prolonged period. Health experts say that you double the load on your neck for every inch you lean your head forward. The average smartphone user logs more than 4 hours a day of screen time. 

If you’re looking for relief from tech neck, here are 7 tips to reduce the strain on your body while you’re on your phone or device. 

  1. Hold your head up straight  – Try experimenting with alternatives to lowering your head. By holding your phone level with your face instead of your chest, you can allow relief on your neck. 
  2. Adjust your posture – Crunching your chin against your chest will round your shoulders and create even more tension on your upper spine. Try lowering your shoulders to relieve the pressure and standing up straight. 
  3. Strengthen your muscles – By strengthening your core, you can help firm abdominal muscles that will help you with any tension tech neck can cause. Try doing leg raises or other small exercises to help prevent pain. 
  4. Stretch out  – Your tech neck is a sign of your muscles getting shorter and tighter. Doing regular stretches can help. Try limbering up simple head and shoulder rolls or easy yoga techniques. By creating space between your shoulders, you can lengthen your neck. 
  5. Move around – Make sure to stay active and move around, even in the simplest ways. Try walking in place while you are on the phone or switch hands as you talk on the phone. 
  6. Drink plenty of water – This one may sound repetitive, but being hydrated can keep your muscle tissue supple. Carry a water bottle and make sure you’re getting in those liquids.
  7. See your chiropractor! For a game-changing result, seeing a chiropractor can help you not only with aches and pains but also prevent further injuries to your body, no matter where the stress is coming from.

Interested in more ways of preventing and treating tech-related aches? Try some of these techniques: 

  • Type differently – Texting can strain your thumbs. Practice letting your other fingers help with texting or purchase tech accessories that could help. Voice texting also changes your posture.
  • Rest your eyes – Staring at your phone, computer, or tv can contribute to strain on your eyes. Try taking a break from your device and resting your eyes so they can bounce back better than staying at the screen. 
  • Set a curfew – Giving yourself a curfew to put down your phone can actually help you fall asleep easier. The latest research shows one hour before bed is sufficient to produce healthy sleep. Always put your devices on “Airplane mode” and unplugging any Wi-Fi units during sleep is even better. 
  • Give yourself a break – We underestimate how much time we really spend on our phones and computers. Take some time to relax and disconnect from your devices each day. Ideally a 50/50 split between tech and everything else.
  • Spend time in nature – Nature can absorb emotion and help your eyes and nervous system “reset” after just 20 minutes of uninterrupted focus time in a natural setting. Try your local park or other natural environment.

While we know you can’t live without your smartphone (remember when we didn’t have them?), you will see how these tips can really help you better align your spine and improve your overall health. Book an appointment HERE with someone at Cheshire Wellness to help you with your tech neck and other related health issues. 


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