Inspiring Success Stories

Many people have benefited from the unique care, expertise and guidance they received at Cheshire Wellness Center. Listed below is a small sampling of the success stories from our clients. If you have experienced positive changes or improvements in your quality of life and would like to share your experience please contact us to share your story!

Chiropractic can benefit everyone! If you have a friend or family member who you would like to refer or you personally are interested in our unique care, let us know! We would love to help improve their life with the miracle of Network Care!

“I first came in because my daughter had an ear infection. I thought her first session was great because Anita got better! (I heard about Network Chiropractic from my doctor.)

Since beginning this care, I wish more parents knew that chiropractic helps ear infections in small children. My daughter received antibiotics four times between 15 and 19 months. The ear infections persisted and she turned pale with treatment. When I was advised that a fifth and stronger antibiotic was recommended, I asked if any other treatments existed. My doctor said chiropractic had shown some benefit. After 2 visits, Anita got better. She is now 2 ½ years old and has not had an ear infection since, even though the winter was harsh. At signs (inability to sleep lying down) I bring her to back to Cheshire Wellness Center.”

“For the past 15 years or so I’ve had back pain 80-90 percent of the time. I’ve been using this care for around 2 months now. The pain in my leg was gone after the first 2 or 3 visits. The numbness in my foot began to disappear after about 3 weeks and is pretty well gone at this point in time.

I would also like to add that I’ve been to a few different chiropractors over the past 10 or 15 years. This new approach seems to be more natural. Let the body repair itself. Things seem to stay in place longer. It’s been nice these past few weeks to be pretty much pain free.”

“I have lived with steady pain for 20 years and was beginning to lose hope. Right now I’m feeling better than I have in many years and I’m recovering like I used to when I was younger. I would like to tell anyone who wants to truly feel better and be healthier to try this care. I had lived with steady pain for 20 years. If it can work for me it can work for you too.”

“I came in skeptical. Having been to numerous chiropractors with little change for 20 plus years, after my first visit I noticed change from within which I’d never experienced before. I’m excited.”

“Since starting Network care I have such a different relationship with my body, more flexibility and less aches and pains.”

“The change in my neck has improved my posture and when I’m walking I feel more open. Network care has improved the quality of my physical body as well as my relationship to my whole life.”

“I was teaching my Silver Sneakers class today and we were doing a spinal twist in our chairs and my twist had me looking straight into the mirror at myself 3 feet away – I was amazed at how level my shoulders were and how long my neck was – I don’t really pay attention all that much to myself in a mirror, particularly when I’m in movement. And then later in the day I was using the AMT machine – that combo elliptical and stair-master machine – and looked to my left and saw myself in a mirror again, and I was standing so straight and tall, with that lumbar curve and a long neck again with my shoulders lined up under my ears, and my movement on the machine didn’t change that length in my body – I was really amazed again! And I looked around the room, and I think I had the best posture.”

“I initially came to Cheshire Wellness Center to address a back strain that I was suffering from. Since beginning my care, that pain is no longer present. The space that my resolved pain had left has since been filled with an increased awareness of my higher potential, increased energy, and an overall calmness that I had not possessed before. These changes have positively influenced my relationship with the world and have opened doors to great things. I am grateful for the growth and improved well-being I have gained through my care.”