Drs. Matt and Tecia Abatelli DC with their son, River


Dr. Tecia Abatelli

Dr. Tecia Abatelli, DC is passionate about helping people live life to the fullest. Dr. Tecia believes NetworkSpinal (NS) care proves to be the best chiropractic approach to helping people achieve their optimal health goals. Over the years, she has seen how this care contributes to a change in a person’s mindset, wellness and overall quality of life. “It’s amazing to see how people transform throughout care and how empowered they are to make changes for themselves and their families.”

As a mother, Dr. Tecia has experienced firsthand the tremendous benefit that NetworkSpinal has to offer. She experienced pregnancy with very few to none common symptoms like nausea and morning sickness. Her all-natural labor and delivery was a total of 8 hours with no complications and she was home with her new family 5 hours after delivery. “Chiropractic care is an essential part for women to create life. Pregnancy and labor don’t have to be problematic or complicated the way we are taught to think it is. It is a beautiful process of connection and love. Men, women and children of all ages (even in utero) can benefit from chiropractic care.”

Dr. Tecia graduated from Sherman College of Chiropractic, where she obtained her Chiropractic Doctorate degree. Dr. Tecia also holds Bachelor’s degrees in Dietetics and Communications and is a qualified Nutritionist.

In the past, she had the pleasure of working in Boulder, Colorado, serving as an Associate Doctor, marketing coordinator, and technical assistant. She worked with thousands of patients to help them make the necessary changes in their health. She also participated in community connections, spoke at public events and collaborated with local businesses.

As owner of Cheshire Wellness Center, she is dedicated to giving, serving, loving, connecting, and contributing to the expansion of health and well-being within the Keene community!

In her free time, Tecia enjoys traveling, playing tennis, hiking, being at the lake, spending time with her husband Dr. Matt, her son River, and playing with her cat Vader.



Dr. Matt Abatelli

Dr. Matt Abatelli, DC is committed to his passion and purpose of assisting people in reaching their authentic, whole, and healthy life experience. He describes this as, “A state of being where your highest potentials in health and yourself are not only known to you but also achieved!”

Dr. Matt’s journey in chiropractic began as an adult patient struggling with chronic Lyme, gut inflammation, brain fog, and fatigue. He had managed his symptoms for years, tried many different therapies, modalities, and medications, but never got to the root cause. It wasn’t until he entered under NetworkSpinal Care that he finally found the resource within himself to heal his health concerns. This achievement was one for which he had almost given up hope!

Today, Dr. Matt has created a whole new energy-rich baseline of health within both his body and his life, fueling his passion to pass this incredible healing wisdom forward to as many people as possible.

Outside of the office, Dr. Matt enjoys playing saxophone in local bands, writing, naturalist studies, and spending time at home or traveling with his wife, Dr. Tecia.


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